Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow, really PSN?

I have got word during school that the PSN is freaking down. This is a three day weekend, and I was hoping to get Portal 2 for the PS3 and hopefully play Co-Op with my friend TrevorisEpic(Trevor in real life). But no PSN decides to go black for up to TWO DAYS, I am lucky this a three day weekend because I will be able to play at least one day. At least it will give me time to catch up on my drawing, which is sort of funny to me that I am using colors on a ds, and my blog is about ds's. Well I might have a comic up soon, and I might not, depends on how good it looks.



  1. Do you have a PC capable of running Portal 2? You get a free PC copy of the game with ps3 versions.

    I know it sucks the PSN is down, no RDR multiplayer :(

  2. What?! Thats gay. I've been playing it on my laptop but now it's updating and I have to wait for it to download on the shitty hotel wifi.

  3. Thats a bummer. Hope you get it sorted ok.