Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hmmm What to Say, What to Say

Well I really hate to say this, but I have basically nothing to say. I am hoping to buy the Orange Box for Ps3, I am really, I mean REALLY, late on getting the game. I really don't care, but I am looking for a cheap price for it. Gamestop is selling it for like 30 bucks, and Sears is out of stock, but selling it for about 20 bucks. I am doing this so I can play Portal before I play Portal 2. I do have it on Steam and I got it for free, but my laptop legitimately sucks when it comes to games. I have played maybe the first few levels of Portal, and loved it. It is really far up on my list when it comes to puzzle games.

Well something else I am really trying to do is get my comic drawing up to par on what I need it to be. I am getting ok at it but really suck at eyes. I do have a scanner but no tablet when it comes to inking the sketches, so it will take me a while to ink them for I will have to do it by a mouse. I don't know if I am going to be drawing the comics though, so I am really looking at my friends to draw for me. I really don't know if they are up to it though so I am doing so many tutorials to hone my drawing skills.

That is really about it for me, I can't think of anything else to say except.... wait for it.... I bet you know whats coming. Follow, comment, and read my earlier stories. Also follow me on twitter I am @mrwhatthenerd. 

WhatTheNerd Out


  1. I heard the orange box on PS3 had many bugs due to some 3rd party developer porting it from PC. I got it for the xbox and it played well but it may have been a different dev porting that one. Anyway, get portal 2 bought! It is immense!

  2. yea Portal 2 sounds fantastic.