Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review of Something that is not Portal 2

Check out WhatTheNerdReviews for a review of a game that is sort of old. YEAH for Procrastinating.... So yeah check it out. Also really try to get the word out about this blog, and the other one. Check back later tonight for the review of wait for it..... PORTAL 2


Friday, April 29, 2011

New Site! Yes another site...

Seeing how I am thinking about posting a review about Portal 2, which unfortunately was not on the 3ds. So seeing how it is not a 3ds game I figured "Hmm, Portal 2 is not on the 3ds so why am I putting it on a blog about the 3ds? If I want to give reviews about games on other systems I should make another blog. A blog that deals with any system, and is not restricted to just the 3ds. It should be called What The Nerd Reviews", and so I did. What The Nerd Reviews, is basically a news site/ review site about any console. 3ds reviews, will still be up, but don't expect me to update this site as much as I used too. So everyone follow What The Nerd Reviews,  immediately and tell everyone you know. Tell your friends, tell your family, heck even tell grandparents (you know if they are like ultra cool hipster grandparents that like videogames and the such). Remember to change where you go to get your videogame news (p.s. it should be WTNR). Oh yeah follow me on twitter @mrwhatthenerd, (<---- That's a link to my twitter page)


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a Link Basically

Well, I am just going to say basically check out my other site I am working on, What The Comic. I still have not really made an entire comic yet, but its o.k. you can check out one piece of concept art... O.k. I know it is not much but I have a lot on my plate right now with school, finishing Portal 2, and then trying to draw comics. So I am sorry if I do not update as much as I regularly do. So remember check back during the weekend to see my review of Portal 2...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still No Review Yet

Another short blog post, sorry but I haven't played through Portal 2 yet. I really haven't had time in the past few days, but I am expecting to finish it by this weekend. I may end up bringing my PS3 to my cousin's house this weekend (different cousin, but he does have a PS3). I am probably going to get a review up by this weekend, but I have a feeling you really want to know if you should get this game or not, you definitely should if you a. enjoyed the first one ,b. you enjoy puzzle games ,or c. enjoy cake. If you didn't get that joke or didn't even know there was a joke, go buy portal 1 on steam if your computer can handle it. 


Monday, April 25, 2011

PSN still out

I really wanted to put the review of Portal 2 up today, but seeing how I need to finish it/ play the co-op part, I really don't want to have an incomplete review. So once PSN gets back online and I get around to finishing Portal 2, which I have spent about 18+ hours playing it ( about 6 of those spent replaying to where I got in the first 12, because I visited my relatives and I replayed it to where I originally was). Like I originally said I will get a full on review up when I finish it/ play some online. Expect it later this week.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

My website when I get my own tablet...

Well I have a concept site, What the Comic, I haven't payed for a full-on domain name yet, for the basic reason that I don't have a big enough fanbase, and I haven't made any comics yet. But don't worry when I make enough money off of this blog I should be able to buy a tablet and all of our worries will be gone. For the time being just expect scans, and one weird thing I should probably say is that I really don't have a drawing style down yet, and I am really pulling a lot of my drawing style, for the time being anyways, from Penny Arcade, basically because I love the way Gabe draws. I am hoping to get that style down soon enough... So basically expect some crappy scans for the time being.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bought Portal 2

So far I am still setting up a website, so I am thinking of good names for it. On another note I have bought Portal 2 so expect the review coming in the next few days. One problem I am having though is that, PSN decided to have "maintenance", so I will probably post when they are back up. I need help with names so if you guys could post in the comment part it would really help me out a bunch.

Back to Aperture Laboratories for some GLaDOS - post portal 1 hate.


Just something really fast, freaking colors is screwing up on the 3ds so I may not use that to make comics after all

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow, really PSN?

I have got word during school that the PSN is freaking down. This is a three day weekend, and I was hoping to get Portal 2 for the PS3 and hopefully play Co-Op with my friend TrevorisEpic(Trevor in real life). But no PSN decides to go black for up to TWO DAYS, I am lucky this a three day weekend because I will be able to play at least one day. At least it will give me time to catch up on my drawing, which is sort of funny to me that I am using colors on a ds, and my blog is about ds's. Well I might have a comic up soon, and I might not, depends on how good it looks.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wow, I really need a new game...

I obviously already have a new game, Street Fighter, but I want one with a story line. I am probably going to get the Orange Box, if I can find it for $15, MGS4 (again if its for $15), but probably I will get Portal 2. I really feel like I am just going in a complete circle into what I talked about yesterday.

So if I get Portal 2 expect a review, and also expect a new comic site from me if I can find a way to draw the comics. I am probably going to use colors on my older ds for the time being. I hated having a post this short, but I am tired and can't think of anything to talk about, so I might add another post later. So follow me on the Tweeters I am @MrWhatTheNerd.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hmmm What to Say, What to Say

Well I really hate to say this, but I have basically nothing to say. I am hoping to buy the Orange Box for Ps3, I am really, I mean REALLY, late on getting the game. I really don't care, but I am looking for a cheap price for it. Gamestop is selling it for like 30 bucks, and Sears is out of stock, but selling it for about 20 bucks. I am doing this so I can play Portal before I play Portal 2. I do have it on Steam and I got it for free, but my laptop legitimately sucks when it comes to games. I have played maybe the first few levels of Portal, and loved it. It is really far up on my list when it comes to puzzle games.

Well something else I am really trying to do is get my comic drawing up to par on what I need it to be. I am getting ok at it but really suck at eyes. I do have a scanner but no tablet when it comes to inking the sketches, so it will take me a while to ink them for I will have to do it by a mouse. I don't know if I am going to be drawing the comics though, so I am really looking at my friends to draw for me. I really don't know if they are up to it though so I am doing so many tutorials to hone my drawing skills.

That is really about it for me, I can't think of anything else to say except.... wait for it.... I bet you know whats coming. Follow, comment, and read my earlier stories. Also follow me on twitter I am @mrwhatthenerd. 

WhatTheNerd Out

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wii2 Rumors, Power Pak+ mini review, and not much more

So I am extremely tired so I am sorry for any mistakes in this posting. If anyone was wondering I did have a great time this weekend, and also tired from it. The trip ended up helping me test my Power Pak+, and I have to say it is extremely needed if you get/have a 3ds. It improves battery life by so much, I would not have needed to charge it at all this weekend, but I went on the safe side and went ahead and charged it. I met someone with streetpass on, and I now am currently in possession of his mii.

The Wii2 rumors are kind of getting funny with how crazy some of them have gotten. The rumors have stemmed from, the controller having a screen that streams whole games, to the controller having a ipad like screen. The Nintendo Wii has just had a price drop to 169.99. I truthfully think that we will see the Wii2 at E3 this year.

So I said earlier the thing about the Power Pak+, and I really think it the best accessory for the 3ds right now. I really don't think anything can top it, but maybe I'll be surprised. It really does double the battery life, which is helpful for those long car rides. I played it for about 1 to 2 hours before I took a break, and it didn't even drop a battery line on the little graphical battery in the top corner. I was really surprised how well it worked, I didn't even shut if off that much this weekend, I just kept it on and closed. 

Not much more to say really except, read, comment, and follow. Also follow me on twitter I am @whatthenerd. 


Friday, April 15, 2011

Really late update

I have a really short update, I finally got my power pak+. Will have a review of it sometime soon, I hope at least. If I have time this weekend with everything I have going on, I may update. Though like I said in an earlier post, don't expect it. I really didn't have time today to post anything here, so I am sorry but expect more soon I guess. It should pick back up on Monday. Again I am sorry I can't post this weekend, and if I do it will probably be as short as a tweet. Which that reminds me my twitter is now @whatthenerd , Which is my common username so I really am glad I got to get that name on there. Thanks again for reading!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something That Annoys Me

Well I really don't have many more games that I am expecting at this moment so I am just going to talk about the gaming industry at a whole.

I am not a cheapskate by any means, but I have one problem with the price of games. They are all $59.99 with tax! Some games I understand that, but for majority of the games on the market I am not going to spend that much money on. The some games I am willing to pay for in general are games that developer's really work on, and have some replay value to them. The games I am not willing to pay that price for are, for example, movie games, games that the developer didn't care about, or even games that come out every year. Games that come out every year, are Call of Duty games and sports games. Games developers didn't care about are basically majority of the games in the market. Movie games is self-explanatory.

Look, I am not saying that all games need to be cheaper. I am willing to pay $60 for Uncharted,i.e. A great game. Naughty Dog really made Uncharted a great game because they didn't want to make a crappy game. Companies like Ubisoft, Activision, and Electronic Arts don't care if the games are good, all they care about is money. Third-Party developers usually make better games, these are more of the companies I am willing to spend money on. They actually get that people want quality games. Don't get me wrong, third-party developers can make crappy games though. Again Big companies can make good games, but for about every one good game there is about ten bad/crappy games. I wish the big companies would understand that we want quality games, we don't mind paying $60 for a good game. But if its a game with no replay value and takes like 10-20 hours to finish, don't expect me to pay $60 for it. I will probably wait to see the price drop down/ get it used. Even though I hate selling my games to Gamestop, I love buying used games from them.

So all in all, big companies either make cheaper games or make quality games. If you could, try to do both, but like I said, I am willing to pay $60 for a good, quality game. I really wish companies would understand that not all of us can pay $60 for every single game. If I get the choice of three older games (i.e. the sly collection) for $60 or a brand new game for $60, I am going for the three older games because I will get more play out of them. So if you big companies are reading this, try to understand that even though the standard is $60 you don't have to sell the game at that price. I would actually sell my game cheaper, therefore more people will purchase it.

Thanks for reading, remember to comment and follow me on twitter, I am @whatthebrent. Thanks again

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Games I Am Looking Forward to 3, The Final Edition... For Now Basically

Well here are three more games I am looking forward too. Well actually about 5 games, but I will get to that later.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Well Kingdom Hearts has made so many "spin-offs" (I guess you would say), and they have yet to make a 3rd game. I know Tetsuya Nomura has stated that they will start an official 3rd game after they finish Final Fantasy Versus 13 they will "look at starting it". So after all that banter I guess its time to talk about Dream Drop Distance. Dream Drop is supposed to be connected to Kingdom Hearts 3, and take place after Re:Coded. Really not much is known about story, except for Yen Sid asks Mickey to get Sora and Riku to take the Mark of Mastery Exam (I don't know what it is, so don't ask me). The characters you play are Sora and Riku, and there will be new worlds, so I guess yay? I am not sure how I feel about this one yet because it feels like Kingdom Hearts 3 should be out already and they are just making the story so hard to follow with all of the side story-lines. It's getting to be just like The Legend of Zelda's storyline if you try to figure out how those games are connected (it's hard just so you know).
Release: TBA  My Guess: Early 2012

2.Any Professor Layton game not yet localized in the USA
Okay that title was extremely vague seeing how there is three of those, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle(the one for the 3ds), Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute, and the one not even out in Japan Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney(also for the 3ds). Now to start of with the one for the DS, Specter's Flute. Specter's Flute is actually a prologue to the original storyline, which is pretty cool because now we get to learn why Luke is the Professor's apprentice. The second is The Mask of Miracle, the one for the 3ds. I really want to see how they will do 3d puzzles. I have very high hopes for this one because I think the 3d will be able to add something new to the gameplay. The last is the one I really want to play, I mean REALLY want to play. It's the mashup of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, which both games by themselves are just extremely awesome. I mean come on you get to solve puzzles and yell out I OBJECT! (don't do this in public, you get weird looks). These two games combined should be extremely fun put together, so I really can't wait for this one.

The Specter's Flute
Release Date:TBA
My Guess: Summer 2011 ( If it does get released in the US)
The Mask of Miracle
Release Date:TBA
My Guess: Christmas 2011
Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
Release Date:TBA
My Guess: Summer 2012
Cover Image of The Spector's Flute with the new character 

Cover of The Mask of Miracle

One of the cutscenes of PL vs. AA

3. (or 5. depending on how you look at it)
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3d
This game is going to be a remake of the ps2 hit MGS3: Snake Eater. I never played it but did not hear anything but good things about it. The only MGS game I have played was the original, and that was never to the end. I am probably going to play MGS4 because its only like 10 bucks now, and I already have a ps3.
So if you have played the ps2 version of this game, you will probably not need to get it unless you really love MGS. A lot of people do love it though so I do expect it to sell pretty well. They are adding a few new things like the co-op system from Peace Walker ( the psp verision of MGS). Not much new things are known about the added features.
Release Date: TBA 2011 My Guess: Fall 2011
Trailer of MGS: Snake Eater 3d

Well that is really all for today, I really don't have much to say after words. One thing you do need to know is that this weekend do not expect an update. I am going to be traveling with my school band so I won't have much time if any to update. Though I am not saying I will not update, it seems very unlikely at this time. Remember comment so I can see what you guys want me to talk about.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Games I Am Looking Forward To 2, and More?

Well to start off, here are more games I am looking forward to. (I am sorry for bad or lack of good grammar, I spend about 30min to an hour working on a post each day just writing it. So I really don't want to spend much more time on checking it over. I work as best as I can to keep the grammar in check though. Without further ado here are the games I am looking forward to.)

Mario Kart 3DS
Like the other two Mario games, the game's name is not final. Though I really don't see the name changing that much, so really the name of it doesn't matter to me. If they get the gist out of what the game is I am happy with that compared to a title that makes no sense to what the game is. Ok time to talk about the actual game. Though really there is not much to talk about because it is another Mario Kart game, it has no story line except for they all got together and wanted to race. (10 out of 10 if you ask me) There are a few things that I hope they fix for the portable version. One of them is snaking (not sure on the name), but what snaking essentially is drifting side to side, to get speed from the sparks and what not. Snaking made it nearly impossible to go online and face people because of it. Not much wrong with the one on the DS, but I do hope they add as many courses as possible on this one. I do hope they also include more characters than the one on the DS. Release Date: August 2, 2011
One of the New Courses

2. Kid Icarus Uprising
One of the first games they announced for the 3ds, and yet not out yet. I have extremely high hopes for this game , but the truth is I never played the original. I am probably going to during the summer or sometime around then though. The game just looked awesome when I was watching Nintendo's E3 presentation. I can't say what I want changed or fixed because I never played the original. I do want go 3d effects for it, but I don't want it to rely too much on the 3d effect of it. One thing I love is FULL VOICE ACTING (sorry for overuse of capitals). I love the Zelda series but I hate how they don't have voice acting except for the random grunt Link has now and then. Release Date: 2011 My guess: Christmas 2011
Screenshot of  Kid Icarus Uprising

3.Star Fox 64 for the 3ds
I dislike paying full price of a new game for remakes unless they are made greatly. Although not much is known about this remake, I have high hopes. It should do good but then again I have absolutely no idea what they are going to do with the bottom screen. There really is no need for a touch screen in this game but I think they will work something out. Like I said earlier I don't like paying full price when it is being sold on the Wii virtual console for about $10-$15. That is actually something I have a big problem with and something that I will end up blogging about soon. Apparently they are going to display the controls and also anytime one of your teammates call you on the transmitter they will pop up on the screen.

Ok so just an afterword, I am thinking about making a website that will host my reviews and perhaps have comics. This has been done before but the reality of the fact is that those websites get a lot of page views and such, as long as the comics are semi-funny (I'm talking to you Penny-Arcade)(Who am I kidding you aren't reading this). Again this is just a thought for now and it probably won't end up happening until later. I also really need things to post about, so if you have something you want me to post about (nothing about games for now, I can not currently rent them because every rental store that has new video games [or is it videogames?] has shut down so sorry) comment on this post. Also check out my twitter, I am @whatthebrent if you wanted to follow. Tomorrow expect another Games I Am Looking Forward To. Sorry about all of the parenthesis I am really enjoying using them for some weird reason.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Games I am looking forward to

Well I have nothing much to say about the 3ds right now except for things that are coming up soon.

1. Super Mario for the 3ds
One of the reason's I am looking forward to it is that it should feel better than Super Mario 64 on the Ds. One of the reason's would be of course is that the control pad should make it feel more fluent than SM64 Ds. Another thing is that Satoru Iwata said that they had fixed the problem with hitting the boxes in a 3d world, which is something I had a problem with the original SM64. One last thing is that the raccoon tail from SMB3 Logo was also on the Super Mario 3ds Logo, which may point to the fact that the raccoon suit may be usable in this game. Release Date: TBA     My Guess: One month after E3 2011
Here is a screenshot from GDC 2011

2. Zelda OOT 3d
Now this may be a remake, but it will be a good remake. I mean I enjoyed the original on the n64, I even enjoyed replaying it again on my Wii during the last week before summer. With all that said there were a few annoyances, but they said they were going to fix them. Such as the iron boots problem, This was probably my biggest problem during the water temple because it would require you to press start, go to the iron boots on the menu, then exit the menu. It was a minor inconvenience to an other wise great game. They also said they are including the Master Quest from the port to the Gamecube (which I never got to play). One thing I hope they fixed was Navi's constant chattering, HEY! HEY!!! HEY LISTEN!!! So annoying, but I digress. They have also added features that go with the gyroscope from the 3ds. Release date : June 2011
 A screenshot from GDC 2011 

3. Paper Mario 3ds
I have loved the entire Paper Mario series except for Super Paper Mario, because come on really they did not need to change the game at all like they did. Super Paper Mario had a great story but I hated how they went away from the turn-based fighting system that they had in the first two games. So I enjoy how they went back to their roots with Paper Mario 3ds. I am also wondering how the fighting style is going to work into this game, I expect a lot of things will have to deal with the touch screen of course. This will be the first Paper Mario on a handheld so I hope it works fluently within the game. Not much is known about the story yet, nor the partners in the game, which I kind of like not knowing anything about the game though, because come on I know most people hate spoilers. I have yet to play Super Mario RPG which I know gave Paper Mario its roots.  Release date: TBA My guess: Christmas 2011 or Early 2012
One of the Screenshots of Paper Mario 3ds

Expect more of these throughout this week. Comment on what you want me to talk about or make a video of. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sort of a Review

Well I have played Super Street Fighter IV 3d Edition some, so I figured I could give a review. Though it will not cover the online mechanism or the street pass mechanism of it. So let's get started

Story: Well there is really not one individual story line, but a story for every GOD DAMN CHARACTER, if you have played the series before, you will understand it. Though if you are like me and have never played a Street Fighter Game except the one on SNES, and even then I was just playing it for the fighting not the story. So I basically didn't pay much attention to the story seeing how there are many different stories. Though the big picture is that there is a world fighting tournament. Thats about it for Story. Then again what can you expect story wise for a fighting game?

Gameplay: I want to assure every single reader of my blog ( which is about 10) that this is not just a sized down version of Street Fighter, It is an actual port of the game for PS3 and X360. Now your all wondering and asking yourselves, "Brent how is that possible, those are consoles and your playing it on a handheld" Well obviously a few things were taken out, but not much. (I did play a demo at Best Buy a while back of Super Street Fighter IV so I do know a few things about it.) One thing they did not take out were the characters, they have every single one of them in this game. They added a new feature to it, which is just angled fighting so they could get some 3d gameplay into it. That reminds me, 3d doesn't do that much to the gameplay at all, it just makes the ultimate combos and the levels look cooler. Which that reminds me of something else, they added another new feature to it which is an easier way to execute ultimate combos and normal combos, by pushing buttons on the touch screen. That was extremely helpful to me seeing as I haven't played one in while.

Graphics: The graphics are extremely great for a handheld, but they are obviously one of the things they had to cutback when making this port. The 3d part of the game did not add much to me, though I was thoroughly impressed by the graphics of this handheld. The backgrounds did not have much happening in them as the Console version but they were just okay overall.

So to recap, The story of the overall game didn't change, The gameplay is easy to get and understand, and the Graphics are great just not the backgrounds.

Story - 7.2 ( I hated giving it this score because fighting games don't really need a story line)
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8.7
Overall - 8.5

I think that you should probably get this game for it is pretty fun for being a fighting game on a handheld.
Redid score for people not caring about story.
Overall without Story - 9.1

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So I do have the game... Just no charge base

Ok since I do have Super Street Fighter IV, you'd think that I would give a review immediately. Wrong I need some time to use all of the features of the game before I, you know give a review of it as a whole.

Oh yeah and the god damn Nyko Charge Base at Best Buy where I live... They only get 5 at a time, and they were sold out by the time I came in. The website obviously was no help because it said they were in stock and great to go. Even the person at the front's computer said they had some, then one of the side computers said they were out...

So expect my review of Super Street Fighter IV soon...

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Still Don't Have a Game

So after I have played it for about a day, and its actually really fun even without one. I have played face raiders a little bit, and it is kind of hard to play in 3d because of the moving. The AR games are also really fun, and another to know is that the eShop is not out yet. The browser is also disabled at launch and won't be available until May I believe, as well as the eShop.

I should have a review of Street Fighter IV for the 3ds up by the weekend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Unboxing Is Finally Here... I Know Right

The thing you all have been waiting for, the unboxing of the 3ds. I figured you all have been waiting long enough for it. So here you go :D.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What to say, what to say....

Well seeing how I am getting the 3ds tomorrow, I really have nothing to say on this blog seeing how its
 3ds Reviews not just Any Game System Reviews. Though I feel like as the blogger of this blog You the viewer deserves at least one post a day.

So I figured I might as well give a Pre-Op on what I am going to be doing tomorrow and what you can expect over the next few weeks. I am going to give an unboxing video of the 3ds to you guys tomorrow after I receive it. Then I am probably over the next few days give reviews on the many different parts of the console and its software, as well as Street Fighter IV for the 3ds. Then after I receive the Nyko Charge Base with the power pak + I will give a review over that.

So seeing how I can't really talk about the 3ds I might give a mini review over a game I own that will soon be making its way to the 3ds in America, and already made it in Japan. PROFESSOR LAYTON!!!!

Ok So I am going to go ahead and just review the series as a whole, seeing as I don't have time to do 3 individual reviews.

The Story: The story lines of these games kind of interconnect with each other, though not as much as many people hoped. The Main characters obviously are in every game. I do love each of the story lines because they are so crazy that they just work for the game. There really is not much to say about the story without spoiling each of the games, so I guess you really have to go get it yourself.

The Gameplay: The Gameplay is kind of original for a puzzle game. You as Professor Layton walk around the towns talking to people about something, usually something to do with the story line. Sometimes the people have you finish a puzzle before they tell you anything, and sometimes you just have to randomly click around rooms looking for puzzles or hint coins, which I am going to talk about now. Hint coins are EXTREMELY useful (if the hint actually makes sense) when you need help in the harder puzzles, and sometimes the hints they give are just as difficult to understand as the puzzle itself. Now you are probably asking yourself, how do you know if the puzzle is going to be difficult or not, well they rate the puzzles by picarats, which when you complete the puzzle correctly are able to be used as currency in the extra settings. Though if you get the puzzle wrong, the picarats go start to lower, but the most they can only go down twice. Oh yeah in each of the games there is always a Side-Game that requires you to talk to basically about everyone until you get the right parts.

The Graphics: The graphics aren't that important in this game because its in 2d right, RIGHT? Right (you thought I was going to say wrong), but they do have cutscenes that flow perfectly through out the game. The cutscenes are basically just a little animation to go with the story. The graphics in the game I guess is what you could call cute, but I really wouldn't say that. I really don't know what to say about the graphics except they fit the game.Also I really like how each puzzle has its own kind of art style to it.

Overall: There really is not much to say about this game except what I have already stated. Again, The story is just so crazy it is awesome, the gameplay is really fun for a puzzle game, and the graphics fit the game.

So to Recap
Story: 9.5 out of 10
Gameplay: 9.8 out of 10
Graphics: 9.2 out of 10
Overall: 9.5 out of 10

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not much to talk about ..... Or is there?????

Well seeing as I am still not receiving my 3ds until Thursday there really is not much for me to talk about. So I think I have to at least give a review of a game I already own, but for the original DS. So here goes nothing as my first review goes underway.

Pokemon White:

Many of you know about the Pokemon series, and well I am not surprised. It has been around since 1999 in the US I believe and created 5 generations of games. Originally there was 151 Pokemon, or 150 for you people who think mew does not count because it is impossible to catch without cheating or glitching. I digress but some of their games had kind of bad story lines..... Except for this one.

The Story:
Now Pokemon games are not really renowned for their story lines, and really who cares about it because they are making games for like 10 year olds and stuff.... Right? Wrong, they have a really loyal fan base of older players that have been playing from the Red and Blue days, which I for one can say I loved. The story line starts off like every other Pokemon game you wake up, upstairs. Once you go down stairs, there is your mom and she talks to you. Lets fast forward a bit, Ok so you learn you have two friends in this game instead of the usual one. Again Fast Forwarding, Once you get to the first town I believe there is a man named Ghetsis and he is talking about freeing Pokemon from humans. You soon meet N the person who is supposed to free up all the Pokemon. That is basically all I am going to do for the story so I don't give too much away.

The Gameplay:
If you have ever played a Pokemon game then you understand how the game works, You get one Pokemon to start off with, its either a Fire, Water, or Grass type Pokemon. There are a few new Gameplay mechanics, such as the Triple Battle and the Rotation Battle, and they are basically exactly what they sound like. The Triple Battle is where you send out three Pokemon and the Enemy sends out three Pokemon. The Rotation Battle is where you send out three Pokemon and only one can fight at a time, then you rotate to your advantage.  Then there is 149 (not so sure on that number) new Pokemon, bringing the grand total to 649 Pokemon (again not so sure). Now with having this many Pokemon its very difficult to Catch 'em all.

The Graphics:
This game probably has the best graphics of any in the series, though that obviously comes from the fact that it is the newest game. The Pokemon during the fight scenes are FINALLY animated. The game graphics didn't change much except for the fact that it is in a pseudo-3d I guess would be the word, because the sprites are in 2d but much of the world is in 3d.

I will say that this game did keep to its roots except for the new graphics and a sort of different story line. I did love the story line because it was different for a Pokemon game.

Graphics : 8.6 out of 10
Story: 9.5 out of 10
Gameplay: 9.2 out of 10
Overall: 9.1 out of 10

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Battery life... Wait what?

So I am still waiting on the 3ds, but don't worry guys and gals it should be here in 3 days. I am looking at accessories to go with the 3ds and the only accessory it seems that I will need is a better battery. The only way I know that I will need a better battery is that so many reviewers before me have already stated its horrible battery life. They said that with everything turned on like the brightness up on full blast will get about 3hrs. Now a misconception about the 3ds is that the 3d turned on will decrease battery life. This is incorrect because as I stated in a before post about the parallax barrier, its more hardware than software, i.e. does not decrease battery life.

Now back to how to fix the bad battery life, Nyko's Charge Base, which includes their Power Pak + which essentially is just a bigger battery for the 3ds. The battery by itself is about 19.99$ without tax , while the Charge Base is just 10$ more for a sexy little Charging dock. Now I the battery gives you about 2x the battery life of the original battery. This is perfect for me because I need that extra battery life so I don't always have to go get the charger every three hours. It is also useful because on a trip to my relatives that I go on every few weeks, takes about 3hr 30min to 4hrs to complete, so now it can complete the car ride.

I also thought of something else, for those people that have to go on really long flights/ car rides, You could always bring your original battery and change it out when the nyko battery dies. So essentially you get about 9hrs if you push the console to its limit.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Played a 3ds

I have officially played a 3ds today, it was really cool to see how the 3d was. I was expecting it to be extremely gimmicky, but it felt really cool with the amount of depth.

O.k. so let me backtrack to how I got to play a 3ds, even though I bet you guys really don't want to hear that story. So on Friday our gateway was having problems connecting to the internet. We just restarted it and it worked... or so we thought. Later that night it wasn't working so we did the same thing, and at one a.m. the police were at the door. This was surprising because they said it was the home phone, and we don't have telephone service. So they left and it was having problems the next day, and guess what... the cops were back at our door... so we decided to disconnect it until we got a new modem.

So that brings me to today, where I went into best buy to get a new modem. There I saw it... the 3ds. It was over in a corner and surprisingly no one was over there. I started messing with the 3d slider and I noticed that the depth was really changing before my eyes. Now the only game I got to mess with was pilotwings and I am not going to review it except for this if you like games about flying then definitely purchase it. If you don't than obviously don't. I am like the latter.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot, I should have an unboxing video of the 3ds up by this Thursday.