Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sort of a Review

Well I have played Super Street Fighter IV 3d Edition some, so I figured I could give a review. Though it will not cover the online mechanism or the street pass mechanism of it. So let's get started

Story: Well there is really not one individual story line, but a story for every GOD DAMN CHARACTER, if you have played the series before, you will understand it. Though if you are like me and have never played a Street Fighter Game except the one on SNES, and even then I was just playing it for the fighting not the story. So I basically didn't pay much attention to the story seeing how there are many different stories. Though the big picture is that there is a world fighting tournament. Thats about it for Story. Then again what can you expect story wise for a fighting game?

Gameplay: I want to assure every single reader of my blog ( which is about 10) that this is not just a sized down version of Street Fighter, It is an actual port of the game for PS3 and X360. Now your all wondering and asking yourselves, "Brent how is that possible, those are consoles and your playing it on a handheld" Well obviously a few things were taken out, but not much. (I did play a demo at Best Buy a while back of Super Street Fighter IV so I do know a few things about it.) One thing they did not take out were the characters, they have every single one of them in this game. They added a new feature to it, which is just angled fighting so they could get some 3d gameplay into it. That reminds me, 3d doesn't do that much to the gameplay at all, it just makes the ultimate combos and the levels look cooler. Which that reminds me of something else, they added another new feature to it which is an easier way to execute ultimate combos and normal combos, by pushing buttons on the touch screen. That was extremely helpful to me seeing as I haven't played one in while.

Graphics: The graphics are extremely great for a handheld, but they are obviously one of the things they had to cutback when making this port. The 3d part of the game did not add much to me, though I was thoroughly impressed by the graphics of this handheld. The backgrounds did not have much happening in them as the Console version but they were just okay overall.

So to recap, The story of the overall game didn't change, The gameplay is easy to get and understand, and the Graphics are great just not the backgrounds.

Story - 7.2 ( I hated giving it this score because fighting games don't really need a story line)
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8.7
Overall - 8.5

I think that you should probably get this game for it is pretty fun for being a fighting game on a handheld.
Redid score for people not caring about story.
Overall without Story - 9.1


  1. Excellent, I knew this game would kick ass!!!

    Good review as well, covered all I needed to know ;)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I do wish they would have done a little bit with new character stories, but oh well. In the end its just another fighting game.