Monday, April 11, 2011

Games I am looking forward to

Well I have nothing much to say about the 3ds right now except for things that are coming up soon.

1. Super Mario for the 3ds
One of the reason's I am looking forward to it is that it should feel better than Super Mario 64 on the Ds. One of the reason's would be of course is that the control pad should make it feel more fluent than SM64 Ds. Another thing is that Satoru Iwata said that they had fixed the problem with hitting the boxes in a 3d world, which is something I had a problem with the original SM64. One last thing is that the raccoon tail from SMB3 Logo was also on the Super Mario 3ds Logo, which may point to the fact that the raccoon suit may be usable in this game. Release Date: TBA     My Guess: One month after E3 2011
Here is a screenshot from GDC 2011

2. Zelda OOT 3d
Now this may be a remake, but it will be a good remake. I mean I enjoyed the original on the n64, I even enjoyed replaying it again on my Wii during the last week before summer. With all that said there were a few annoyances, but they said they were going to fix them. Such as the iron boots problem, This was probably my biggest problem during the water temple because it would require you to press start, go to the iron boots on the menu, then exit the menu. It was a minor inconvenience to an other wise great game. They also said they are including the Master Quest from the port to the Gamecube (which I never got to play). One thing I hope they fixed was Navi's constant chattering, HEY! HEY!!! HEY LISTEN!!! So annoying, but I digress. They have also added features that go with the gyroscope from the 3ds. Release date : June 2011
 A screenshot from GDC 2011 

3. Paper Mario 3ds
I have loved the entire Paper Mario series except for Super Paper Mario, because come on really they did not need to change the game at all like they did. Super Paper Mario had a great story but I hated how they went away from the turn-based fighting system that they had in the first two games. So I enjoy how they went back to their roots with Paper Mario 3ds. I am also wondering how the fighting style is going to work into this game, I expect a lot of things will have to deal with the touch screen of course. This will be the first Paper Mario on a handheld so I hope it works fluently within the game. Not much is known about the story yet, nor the partners in the game, which I kind of like not knowing anything about the game though, because come on I know most people hate spoilers. I have yet to play Super Mario RPG which I know gave Paper Mario its roots.  Release date: TBA My guess: Christmas 2011 or Early 2012
One of the Screenshots of Paper Mario 3ds

Expect more of these throughout this week. Comment on what you want me to talk about or make a video of.