Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something That Annoys Me

Well I really don't have many more games that I am expecting at this moment so I am just going to talk about the gaming industry at a whole.

I am not a cheapskate by any means, but I have one problem with the price of games. They are all $59.99 with tax! Some games I understand that, but for majority of the games on the market I am not going to spend that much money on. The some games I am willing to pay for in general are games that developer's really work on, and have some replay value to them. The games I am not willing to pay that price for are, for example, movie games, games that the developer didn't care about, or even games that come out every year. Games that come out every year, are Call of Duty games and sports games. Games developers didn't care about are basically majority of the games in the market. Movie games is self-explanatory.

Look, I am not saying that all games need to be cheaper. I am willing to pay $60 for Uncharted,i.e. A great game. Naughty Dog really made Uncharted a great game because they didn't want to make a crappy game. Companies like Ubisoft, Activision, and Electronic Arts don't care if the games are good, all they care about is money. Third-Party developers usually make better games, these are more of the companies I am willing to spend money on. They actually get that people want quality games. Don't get me wrong, third-party developers can make crappy games though. Again Big companies can make good games, but for about every one good game there is about ten bad/crappy games. I wish the big companies would understand that we want quality games, we don't mind paying $60 for a good game. But if its a game with no replay value and takes like 10-20 hours to finish, don't expect me to pay $60 for it. I will probably wait to see the price drop down/ get it used. Even though I hate selling my games to Gamestop, I love buying used games from them.

So all in all, big companies either make cheaper games or make quality games. If you could, try to do both, but like I said, I am willing to pay $60 for a good, quality game. I really wish companies would understand that not all of us can pay $60 for every single game. If I get the choice of three older games (i.e. the sly collection) for $60 or a brand new game for $60, I am going for the three older games because I will get more play out of them. So if you big companies are reading this, try to understand that even though the standard is $60 you don't have to sell the game at that price. I would actually sell my game cheaper, therefore more people will purchase it.

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  1. i feel you on the price man, hopefully someone will come out with some sort of a cycloDS or R4 device for the 3ds soon so you can just download them all! haha :P

    nice blog, followed for sure

  2. Really expensive :/, anyway I'm following you

  3. Yeah, games are getting more and more expensive these days. By the time the next console generation comes, we might be shelling out $60-70 a game.

  4. Yea its far too expensive. No wonder some PPL go to markets and buy dodgy games.

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