Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Games I Am Looking Forward To 2, and More?

Well to start off, here are more games I am looking forward to. (I am sorry for bad or lack of good grammar, I spend about 30min to an hour working on a post each day just writing it. So I really don't want to spend much more time on checking it over. I work as best as I can to keep the grammar in check though. Without further ado here are the games I am looking forward to.)

Mario Kart 3DS
Like the other two Mario games, the game's name is not final. Though I really don't see the name changing that much, so really the name of it doesn't matter to me. If they get the gist out of what the game is I am happy with that compared to a title that makes no sense to what the game is. Ok time to talk about the actual game. Though really there is not much to talk about because it is another Mario Kart game, it has no story line except for they all got together and wanted to race. (10 out of 10 if you ask me) There are a few things that I hope they fix for the portable version. One of them is snaking (not sure on the name), but what snaking essentially is drifting side to side, to get speed from the sparks and what not. Snaking made it nearly impossible to go online and face people because of it. Not much wrong with the one on the DS, but I do hope they add as many courses as possible on this one. I do hope they also include more characters than the one on the DS. Release Date: August 2, 2011
One of the New Courses

2. Kid Icarus Uprising
One of the first games they announced for the 3ds, and yet not out yet. I have extremely high hopes for this game , but the truth is I never played the original. I am probably going to during the summer or sometime around then though. The game just looked awesome when I was watching Nintendo's E3 presentation. I can't say what I want changed or fixed because I never played the original. I do want go 3d effects for it, but I don't want it to rely too much on the 3d effect of it. One thing I love is FULL VOICE ACTING (sorry for overuse of capitals). I love the Zelda series but I hate how they don't have voice acting except for the random grunt Link has now and then. Release Date: 2011 My guess: Christmas 2011
Screenshot of  Kid Icarus Uprising

3.Star Fox 64 for the 3ds
I dislike paying full price of a new game for remakes unless they are made greatly. Although not much is known about this remake, I have high hopes. It should do good but then again I have absolutely no idea what they are going to do with the bottom screen. There really is no need for a touch screen in this game but I think they will work something out. Like I said earlier I don't like paying full price when it is being sold on the Wii virtual console for about $10-$15. That is actually something I have a big problem with and something that I will end up blogging about soon. Apparently they are going to display the controls and also anytime one of your teammates call you on the transmitter they will pop up on the screen.

Ok so just an afterword, I am thinking about making a website that will host my reviews and perhaps have comics. This has been done before but the reality of the fact is that those websites get a lot of page views and such, as long as the comics are semi-funny (I'm talking to you Penny-Arcade)(Who am I kidding you aren't reading this). Again this is just a thought for now and it probably won't end up happening until later. I also really need things to post about, so if you have something you want me to post about (nothing about games for now, I can not currently rent them because every rental store that has new video games [or is it videogames?] has shut down so sorry) comment on this post. Also check out my twitter, I am @whatthebrent if you wanted to follow. Tomorrow expect another Games I Am Looking Forward To. Sorry about all of the parenthesis I am really enjoying using them for some weird reason.

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  1. Mario kart is the best game of all time. I'm well excited for the 3ds version