Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wow, I really need a new game...

I obviously already have a new game, Street Fighter, but I want one with a story line. I am probably going to get the Orange Box, if I can find it for $15, MGS4 (again if its for $15), but probably I will get Portal 2. I really feel like I am just going in a complete circle into what I talked about yesterday.

So if I get Portal 2 expect a review, and also expect a new comic site from me if I can find a way to draw the comics. I am probably going to use colors on my older ds for the time being. I hated having a post this short, but I am tired and can't think of anything to talk about, so I might add another post later. So follow me on the Tweeters I am @MrWhatTheNerd.



  1. Let us know how portal 2 goes. I was thinking about getting it too

  2. lol streetfighter has a story line! its just the same ten minute long one

  3. I'm waiting for Snake Eater before I get a 3ds I think.

  4. looking farward to your Portal 2 review.