Friday, April 29, 2011

New Site! Yes another site...

Seeing how I am thinking about posting a review about Portal 2, which unfortunately was not on the 3ds. So seeing how it is not a 3ds game I figured "Hmm, Portal 2 is not on the 3ds so why am I putting it on a blog about the 3ds? If I want to give reviews about games on other systems I should make another blog. A blog that deals with any system, and is not restricted to just the 3ds. It should be called What The Nerd Reviews", and so I did. What The Nerd Reviews, is basically a news site/ review site about any console. 3ds reviews, will still be up, but don't expect me to update this site as much as I used too. So everyone follow What The Nerd Reviews,  immediately and tell everyone you know. Tell your friends, tell your family, heck even tell grandparents (you know if they are like ultra cool hipster grandparents that like videogames and the such). Remember to change where you go to get your videogame news (p.s. it should be WTNR). Oh yeah follow me on twitter @mrwhatthenerd, (<---- That's a link to my twitter page)



  1. Good luck with the new site, don't forget to keep updating this one!

  2. Good luck on site. Ill be back.